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Selected Cottage Paint Colors
Cottage Paint Colors
With many of our exclusive CottagesandGardens designs, you have the option of selecting your favorite color from our palette of Cottage Paint Colors.  And for any of our Solid Redwood designs, you also have the option of Natural Redwood (sanded but unpainted).  Our Cottage Paint Colors are:
Pictured ~ Left to Right Not Pictured
  • Gray
  • Pink
  • Sage


  • White
  • Asparagus
  • Yellow
  • Seaside
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Linen
  • Natural Redwood


We use high quality latex paint and only exterior paint for the outdoor designated items.  All items (including those in a natural redwood finish) are first sanded to enhance the surface quality.
Paint Styles
Our standard style of painting is the Cottage Paint Style primarily due to its continued popularity.  In preparing items in this manner one or more techniques may be used to give the item a natural time worn look.  Such techniques might include sanding highlight areas, reduced painting of certain areas, the absence of primer, random paint and other techniques to create the desired effect. 
When we paint items in our Full Paint Style,  we generally apply a full coat of oil based primer and at least one coat (often two coats) of paint to the entire item.  Since the desired effect is to create a fully painted look, we employ none of the techniques used to create a time worn look on these items.
Inherent Characteristics of Wood
We primarily use Redwood in most of our CottagesandGardens wooden items for the Garden.  In addition to its beauty, Redwood has many advantageous characteristics that make it a practical wood to use outdoors in its natural state or otherwise without the use of a permanent sealer ~ it weathers well compared to most other woods.

We use Redwood, other hard and soft woods and other wooden materials in our wooden items for the Home.

As with most natural wood products, a particular item may contain cracks, bare wood, knots, color gradients and other random elements.

As with many paints and most latex paints, nicks, scratches and other changes to the painted surface may occasionally occur, particularly for larger items, during manufacturing and while in shipment.  If a "completely finished look" is desired, touch up painting may be required upon delivery.

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