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Cottage Wall Accents ~ St. Tropez Tiles


Simply Roses makes this our best selling tile.  Magenta roses on a bluish-green field.  St. Tropez Tiles are excellent for Wall Decor as shown here.  Increase you decorating options by sitting them on  THE COTTAGE EASEL™.  To view an example CLICK HERE.   Each piece is signed and dated on the back by the artist, Sue McKibbin, who designed the St. Tropez Tiles exclusively for CottagesandGardens.  Sue, who was born in England, developed an early appreciation for art while drawing with her grandfather on a small farm there.  Each Tile's namesake is painted on the bottom.  St. Tropez Tiles are hand painted on a clay-based tile using an 8 step process which includes applying a Protective Coating over the artwork.  Attached cord ~ ready for hanging.  Tiles without holes and hanging cord are also available for strictly Table Top or other uses ~ please specify if this option is desired.  (11½"W x 11½"H x ¾"D)

Rosier St. Tropez Tile CG1271 $ 74.95
The Cottage Easel CG1290 $ 34.95

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