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A larger version of the forever popular Father Christmas, Father Christmas Too stands 45" tall.  Beautiful rich colors make him an appealing choice for the favorite Christmas decorating spot.  Sure to become a family treasure over the years.
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Congratulations and Merry Christmas to all of our Cottage Sweepstakes Stocking Stuffers Winners for 2003:
The Stocking Stuffers Grand Prize Winner of Father Christmas Too Is:
Deborah Smith
Auburn, Alabama
Member Cottager Since August 21, 2001
Stocking Stuffers Winners of Cottages and Gardens E-Gift Certificates In The Amount Of $25.00 Which Made Be Used In Any Of Our Online Shops Are:
Lisa Besher
Sherman, Texas
Member Cottager Since August 25, 2001
Wendy Forrest
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Member Cottager Since January 19, 2002
Jouett Gardner
Lake Jackson, Texas
Member Cottager Since January 15, 2003
Penny Hoffman
Boswell, Pennsylvania
Member Cottager Since October 22, 2001
Nadia Kennedy
Tacoma, Washington
Member Cottager Since April 21, 2003
Brenda Lamb
Fort Richardson, Alaska
Member Cottager Since January 27, 2002
Niki Michaels
Bartlett, Tennessee
Member Cottager Since July 22, 2001
Susan Porter
Selma, Indiana
Member Cottager Since October 7, 2001
J. Wade Tipton
Lenoir City, Tennessee
Member Cottager Since August 2, 2001
Angela Wynn
Marietta, Georgia
Member Cottager Since October 20, 2001
Merry Christmas To All!
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